How To Make Pretty Backpack.

Wanna make this pretty backpack? Here is tutorial! 


Front panel: One design (one wick of the same size),

Backboard: One design (same size one wick)

(* 30x39cm round shape )

Mirephon: 20x28cm1 sheet (1 sheet of size) /

Lining: 20x28cm1 sheets,

Cover: One 30x59cm another 28x29cm

Side panel: 9x81cm 1 piece

Zipper distance part: 5x50cm 2 pieces

Bag strap: 2 sheets of 10x84cm / 2 sheets of 10x14cm / 1 sheet of 8x26cm / 2 sheets of 4.5x5cm,

Side plate 9x81cm 1 piece / zipper side part 5x50cm 2 sheets /

Inside pocket 21x24cm,

One zipper 48cm / one 18cm, two D rings, two string adjustment rings,


  1. Hi. When you say 'one wick', what do you mean?

  2. Replies
    1. I think "wick" is supposed to be interfacing and "mirephon" is pocket this is how I have interpreted the instructions:
      Front and back panels: Cut 2x (30cm x 39cm) main fabric- round edges
      Cut 2x(30cm x 39cm) interfacing also rounded (prob med weight interfacing depending on weight of main fabric)

      Outer Pocket:Cut 1x(20cm x 28cm) main fabric
      Cut 1x (20cm x 28cm) interfacing
      Lining fabric: cut 1x (20cm x 28cm)

      Flap: main fabric Cut 1x(30cm x 59cm) & 1×(28cm x 29cm) (not sure why that second piece is so much smaller suspect it should be (28cm x 59cm) so that the edge seam is pulled in slightly)
      Cut 1 piece of interfacing (30cm x 59cm)

      Side/base panel: cut 1x (9cm x 81cm)
      Cut interfacing 1x (9cm x 81cm)

      Top/zipper section: main fabric cut 2x (5cm x 50cm)
      Cut interfacing 2x (5cm x 50cm)

      Bag straps:
      Main strap: main fabric cut 2x (10cm x 84cm)
      Fixing strap: main fabric cut 2x (10cm x 14cm)
      Loop:main fabric cut 1x (8cm x26cm)
      Zipper tabs: main fabric cut 2x (4.5cm x 5cm)

      Lining fabric:
      Front and back panels: cut 2x (30cm x 39cm) rounded
      Side/base panel cut 1x (9cm x 81cm)
      Top/zipper section: cut 2x(5cm x 50cm)
      Inside pocket: cut 1x(21cm x 24cm)

      This is just my interpretation. I really like the look of the bag but haven't made it yet as was trying to work out instructions x

    2. Ok worked out why second flap panel is shorter. It looks like it puĺls the end of the flap under so that it ends on a fold so second flap piece should be 28cm x 29cm!

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