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NEW! Dreamcatcher DIY tutorial, step to step indian dreamcatcher

!!NEW!! Step to step DREAMCATCHER DIY tutorial, see here!

Hello! Want to make nice dreamcatcher indian styled? If yes, this DIY for you!

Here is what you need to make dreamcatcher:

1. 2 rings different sizes(in this DIY i made it from plywood)

2. white and blue buckle

3. stone chippings from cacholong and blue agate (trade name: "sapphirine");

4. metal beads;

5. Crimp (clamping beads);

6. Jewelry wire or fishing line;

7. feathers (we used feathers of white dove).

So, if you got all from this list, we can start!

1. Wrap rings from plywood with white buckle. Than thicker buckle, than faster you will make this.

2. Be prepared to provide the necessary beads.

3. Measure out the blue thread length of 3-4 meters.

4. Tie the string to the end of the blue rings.

5. The second row start with the first loop of the first row.

6. Weaving webs is quite simple. If you are in your work using large-diameter 
ring of plywood, do not drag the weave. Otherwise the ring can be bent "eight".

7. The penultimate rows of the dream catcher made without beads.


8. Likewise do weaving in the second ring.

9. Lay on the table rings and feathers, to understand what and where to connect. Connect the ring.

10. Start attaching feathers to the rings.
11.Cut jewelry wire and thread it through the Krimpen. Suffice it to two pieces. 
Clamp pliers Crimp, lest they flew with a rope. Then take a bead with a wide 
opening to insert the wire and feathers, as shown in the picture.

12. Cut beads protruding from the base of the pen shaft. Put a little glue there, if you think that the feathers are sitting tight.

13.. On the wire strung beads on your own. Next Thread the wire in two Crimp, 
pass it through the ring and again Thread the Krimpen and a few beads. Clamp Crimp and cut the rope.

14.Cut the protruding yarn and check all nodules. Your Dreamcatcher ready!



  1. Wow! So beautiful. I would have never thought to use plywood for the circles. How do you cut them so perfect?

  2. This is NOT Indian - it is Indigenous to Canada and belongs to the Annishnabe Nation. Unless you belong to this nation, you do not have the right to give instructions. This is called Cultural appropriation or THEFT.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. gracias estan epectaculares.

  5. I am going to try it I have different size Rings already