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How To Make Pretty Backpack.

Wanna make this pretty backpack? Here is tutorial! 


Front panel: One design (one wick of the same size),

Backboard: One design (same size one wick)

(* 30x39cm round shape )

Mirephon: 20x28cm1 sheet (1 sheet of size) /

Lining: 20x28cm1 sheets,

Cover: One 30x59cm another 28x29cm

Side panel: 9x81cm 1 piece

Zipper distance part: 5x50cm 2 pieces

Bag strap: 2 sheets of 10x84cm / 2 sheets of 10x14cm / 1 sheet of 8x26cm / 2 sheets of 4.5x5cm,

Side plate 9x81cm 1 piece / zipper side part 5x50cm 2 sheets /

Inside pocket 21x24cm,

One zipper 48cm / one 18cm, two D rings, two string adjustment rings,

How To Make Pretty Backpack.

DIY Backpack Tutorial

This backpack has a hidden zipper in a fold, which only allows you to open the bag taking the backpack of, This way nobody can be able to take anything out without you knowing it… Do you like this idea!? Go ahead and learn how to make yours !


  1. Hi. When you say 'one wick', what do you mean?

  2. Replies
    1. I think "wick" is supposed to be interfacing and "mirephon" is pocket this is how I have interpreted the instructions:
      Front and back panels: Cut 2x (30cm x 39cm) main fabric- round edges
      Cut 2x(30cm x 39cm) interfacing also rounded (prob med weight interfacing depending on weight of main fabric)

      Outer Pocket:Cut 1x(20cm x 28cm) main fabric
      Cut 1x (20cm x 28cm) interfacing
      Lining fabric: cut 1x (20cm x 28cm)

      Flap: main fabric Cut 1x(30cm x 59cm) & 1×(28cm x 29cm) (not sure why that second piece is so much smaller suspect it should be (28cm x 59cm) so that the edge seam is pulled in slightly)
      Cut 1 piece of interfacing (30cm x 59cm)

      Side/base panel: cut 1x (9cm x 81cm)
      Cut interfacing 1x (9cm x 81cm)

      Top/zipper section: main fabric cut 2x (5cm x 50cm)
      Cut interfacing 2x (5cm x 50cm)

      Bag straps:
      Main strap: main fabric cut 2x (10cm x 84cm)
      Fixing strap: main fabric cut 2x (10cm x 14cm)
      Loop:main fabric cut 1x (8cm x26cm)
      Zipper tabs: main fabric cut 2x (4.5cm x 5cm)

      Lining fabric:
      Front and back panels: cut 2x (30cm x 39cm) rounded
      Side/base panel cut 1x (9cm x 81cm)
      Top/zipper section: cut 2x(5cm x 50cm)
      Inside pocket: cut 1x(21cm x 24cm)

      This is just my interpretation. I really like the look of the bag but haven't made it yet as was trying to work out instructions x

    2. Ok worked out why second flap panel is shorter. It looks like it puĺls the end of the flap under so that it ends on a fold so second flap piece should be 28cm x 29cm!

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    4. Did someone finally make this bagpack?
      I can't understand how to attah this flap and what to do with this longest part of it.
      Help me please )))

    5. Thanks Mary Jolly. You are Godsend. I still don't understand the flap bit though.

  3. This is the best tutorial I have ever seen......so easy to follow....

  4. Hey, does anyone understand how they're incorporating the lining into the bag? I can follow pretty well right up until it jumps from the finished lining to the a photo of the bag with the lining in it. Would really appreciate any help anyone may have!

  5. This is a beautiful tutorial, thanks so much for taking the time to put this out there.

  6. thank you for tutorial. trying make this bag. i'd like to show you when it finish.

  7. This really good.. i love it. And thanks for sharing.. i do Little bit modifications for my daughter's backpack

  8. Hi i have just discovered this site. Your way is understandable and your work is amazing.it seems your website will be my guard book 😊 Thanks from Istanbul

  9. Do you have a video tutorial? It is a lovely bag, I would love to try making it but I found the instructions little confusing.

  10. No entiendo la parte la solapa

  11. This is beautiful tutorial and bag, thank you for sharing.

  12. Hola, bueno entendi casi todo el tutorial exepto el de la solapa, no entendi por que el segundo panel de la solapa mide 28x29cm y tampoco se donde va, pude deducir que por el largo de la solapa debe ser doblada por la mitad, pero aun no entiendo donde colocar la el segundo panel de la solapa, si alguien dabe por favor diganlo seria de mucha ayuda

  13. I believe the flap is made of just one piece of fabric 30x59cm. When sides are sewed and the piece is turned inside-out, then the flap is folded, resulting in a flap of 28x29cm.

    Creo que la solapa está hecha de una sola pieza de tela de 30x59cm. Cuando los costados se cosen y se gira la pieza, entonces la solapa está doblada y el resultado es una solapa de 28x29cm.