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Simple Pretty Boro Style Bag Sew Tutorial.

How to sew a pretty comsetic-bag boro style

Therefore, the size of her small -
13h15 cm for its manufacturing we need as a basic denim and cotton
fabric , any. If you use ordinary cloth , not patchwork , I recommend
to glue them interlining .

the prepared tissue making 24 squares measuring 4x4 cm , in view of
allowances . If necessary, they sizing interlining .

Iron out the seams , trim the edges and get a blank for the front of
the beauticians, size 11,5x16,5.

To the top of the workpiece sew the prepared part of the size
4,5x16,5 cm denim , and the lower part , the item size 14,5x16,5  .

finished workpiece strengthen volume interlining . If you do not use
makeup as a handbag , it is quite possible to do without the bulk
nonwoven .

Some squares using a stencil we put an asterisk circuit , perform a
manual line using denim yarn or floss .

down one line side seams cosmetic and padding , leaving a hole in the
lining of 6-7 cm for eversion .


  1. Sencillo y práctico.Gracias.

  2. Very nice tutorial thank you

  3. it's a very nice pouch, but why do you call it "boro style"?

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