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DIY Step-to-step Fox Pencil Case Tutorial.

 Pretty simple step to step Fox-Pencil Case tutorial.

I cut out the strip, which will add around the edges. Lightning at me for bags, a length of 30 centimeters. Pencil case need to do a little bit longer.

I sew two strips of seven centimeters wide on both sides.

The result is a blank size of 25x35 centimeters. In the picture a little mistake in the numbers.

The bottom layer seamy side up, on his cotton filler for quilts and then the fox face up.

Quilted on the machine in any convenient and familiar way. Here I took a neutral filling stitch, so as not to distract from the main motives.

Here are a couple of options for the finished screed.

Cropped from all sides. I'm cutting out the makeup mainly roller knife :) A ruler is very convenient to do parallel lines and right angles.

Folding the strip in half lengthwise and smoothing.

Sew the piping on the long sides of the foot 1/4 inch (6 mm).

Stroking gently along the edge of the iron spout, so as not to spoil the relief stitches.

To begin prepare zipper - arrange her edge. A well-known method, but it does not hurt to repeat. I took a thirty-centimeter zipper and scrap of linen fabric. Its width must be twice the width of the zipper, plus a little more than a quarter of an inch

If the width of the cosmetic allows - sew it, passing up turning the tube like cuffs. Here again, I sew with the foot in a quarter of an inch, because it is, as it turns out, presses the fabric is much better than the foot for zipper. Shew literally millimeter by millimeter, carefully laying out the zipper, trying not to flash the wrong side, and when sewn - exhale in relief.

Now you can cut all unnecessary.

I make out the corners. Before their cut - fix pins. Cut off with a ruler and a knife roller.

It should look something like this. Sections are processed using residues linen piping. At this stage, do not forget a little unzip. Otherwise, then it would be difficult to do.

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