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Easy Cosmetic Bag Tutorial!

Step to Step Easy Pencil Case or Cosmetic Bag!

So lets start! For first we need:

- Filling 150

- Japanese gold zipper;

- Thread;

- Roller knife;

- Plugs for lightning;

- Soutache gold.

This detail should be 8*15cm .

Made all it with another detail

 You should have some like this:

 Make straight parallel lines.

Cut exactly edges are guided straight line angle to lines.

 Sew on the clipped side soutache.

 Same at one more

 Sew along the seam, which sewed soutache, as in the photo below.

 We turn away edge, anchoring pins and sews the seam in the seam, as in the photo.

  fringed edges on the long side of the workpiece piping, width of 3.8 mm.

 Making sidewall diameter here 11 cm, is cut up to 10 cm

In the preform determine the short side of the center, combine lightning centers and billet shear pins. Lightning 5 cm at each end with a margin.

Indent 1 mm from the edge.

So, you made it! Thank you for watch my website. See ya!

i got it from http://www.livemaster.ru/topic/2009021-shem-krasivuyu-kosmetichku-iz-tkani-dlya-pechvorka?msec=71

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  1. Bellissimi tutorial, è possibile iscriversi al tuo blog ?
    Ancora complimenti. Emanuela