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Fused Plastic Bag Tutorial

 Sewing Tutorial: Fused Plastic Bag Tote. Step by step instructions

Plastic bag fusing!! Reusing and upcycling is something I am passionate about and the possibilities for the finished material are pretty much endless, so without further ado here is my offering!

 You will need:

16-20 Plastic bags (Thin cheap ones)
Several patterned plastic bags
Scissors or craft knife
Iron + ironing board
Baking parchment
Scrap paper or newspaper- to protect ironing surface.
Webbing – for handle (you could also use the fused plastic folded and stitched)
Sewing Machine

Before we start there are a few things you need to be aware of, plastic will give off fumes when heated so please make sure your room is well ventilated, I don't want you passing out over the ironing board. Cheap/thin vest style plastic bags melt quicker than the bag for life/ strong carriers, so be careful.

To make up the fused sheet

1. Place the newsprint/plain papers followed by a sheet of parchment onto your ironing surface. cut across the top of each bag to remove the handles then cut across the bottoms to allow the bags to flatten out, the sides should remain uncut.  Stack 4 of the bags (you should have 8 layers) this will make one side of your bag.

2. Design your pattern

2. Let the magic happen!

There we have it, a super sheet of plastic fabric, now make another one for the other side of the bag.

To make up the bag

1. Trim all the uneven sides of your sheets to neaten, the need to be the same size.

2. Insert handles. Set stitch length to 3-4 length.

3. Top stitch and strengthen

4. Stitch sides.
TOP TIP: reinforce stitches at the top edges!

5. Admire

 Other decorative options
*Inserting shapes*  

Turn printed bags inside out, this helps to make the writing to look more like a pattern.
Stack 4/5 bags (8/10 layers), place your cut shapes onto the bags then a semi clear bag on the top to seal the shapes in. Cover with parchment and press.

Bit too retro, how about hearts?

You can make cute flower pots too!

There you have it, up-cycling at its best, I'm so glad a squirreled away all those gorgeous bags, the only problem is I need to replenish my stash so beware friends and family, your bag stash is not safe!!

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