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How to Make a Woven Coaster

Add some colour to your coffee table with these woven coasters. We chose this print to make a feature of the Art deco inspired print,  combining it with strips of plain white fabric to give it a fresh and contemporary look for any house.

 We have made a set of four by using one print from each of the colour palettes. This woven technique can be used with which ever fabric you choose to make it with by choosing your favourite parts.

What you will need:

Patterned fabric
Plain fabric
Bias binding 20mm white

Step 1: Begin by cutting the fabric, we have cut two pieces of fabric from Rennie and two pieces from the plain fabric. Each piece measures 7.50cm x 20cm.

When cutting the Rennie strips of fabric, work out where to cut the fabric first, so when the fabric is folded in on itself the outside lines will match up.

Step 2: Fold the outside edges inwards to create a neat edge, pin them together to hold them in place. The width of the band should be 2.50cm wide.

Step 3: Using a sewing machine or if you prefer to sew by hand, stitch along the edge of the band. We have used the line in the design as a guide line to sew along. Do this on both sides and for the second piece of fabric. Also do this for the plain fabric.

Step 4: Cut the strips into two sections, you should have 8 strips in total measuring 2.50cm by 10cm.

Step 5: Lay the cut strips of fabric out, make sure they are all facing the right way.

Step 5: Working from the top and making your way downwards start to weave the white strips in and out, secure with pins so it will be easier to sew the bias binding around it.

Step 6: Lay the bias on the edge of the coaster, leaving 1/2mm overhang this will make sure that when you fold it over and slip stitch the bias on the reverse of the coaster, the stitching line will be hid

Time to make a brew and sit back and admire your new coasters.

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