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Sew a Pretty Sixpence Bag

How to Sew an EASY Drawstring Bag.  A traditional English rhyme detailing what the beautiful bride shall wear or carry on her wedding day for good luck: Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue, …

What You’ll Need:

Liberty floral fabric
Approx. 80cm ribbon
Eyelets and eyelet punch
Fabric scissors
Dressmaking pins
Needle and thread
Sewing machine
Silver sixpence

What To Do:

Step One: Take two pieces of your fabric, roughly 20cm square, with both ‘good sides’ facing each other. Using a compass, draw a circle of an 18cm diameter.

Step Two: Cut out your circle, but leave a half centimetre edge around. You are going to sew on your drawn line and have a fabric border of 0.5cm.

Step Three: Pin together your pieces of fabric (main pattern facing each other inside) and sew using a simple straight stitch on your pencil line. The smaller the stitch size, the more control you will have in tracing the circle. Leave a 4cm gap, making sure you are securing the stitches either end.

Step Four: Snip a fringe around your fabric circle but not at the gap. This means when you turn your sixpence bag inside out, the fabric will be pliable and less bulky.

Step Five: Turn your sixpence bag inside out through the 4cm gap. Use a pencil to make sure it forms circular shape. Thread up a sewing needle and whip stitch the gap closed, as neatly as possible using white or corresponding thread. Secure and cut threads.

Step Six: Iron your sixpence bag to help plan for your eyelets. Space out eyelets evenly, around the circumference of your circle. Putting two eyelets at corresponding sides (about 10 eyelets should do).

Step Seven: Using an eyelet tool, cut out your ten holes, attach and secure your eyelets.

Step Eight: Take your ribbon and measure two 80cm strands. Start at one end (with the two eyelets) and thread around your circle until you reach the eyelet next to your starting point. With your second piece of ribbon, start at the opposite end and repeat. You should have four ribbon strands loose. Two at each end.

Pull the ribbons tightly – the bag will fold in and concertina. Measure equal lengths of ribbon and tie off ends.

Add in your silver sixpence and give to a very lucky bride.

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