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DIY Wallet Tutorial – Free Sewing Tutorial

 Super Simple Handmade Wallet Tutorial (Free Sewing Pattern)

I used 3 different fabrics for this project. One for exterior, one for interior and lining and another one for the pockets.  Cut out the following lengths of fabrics:

A = 12.5″x8.5″ from exterior and interior fabric
From accent fabric:
B = 8″x14″ for the partition (Cut one for exterior and one for lining)
C = 2″x9″
D = 2″x8″ (Cut two)
E = 1.5″x8″ (Cut two)
11″x7.5″ from thick interface.
Let’s begin! Take two of your E pieces. Place them right sides facing together. Sandwich the zipper in between as shown. Sew a straight line.

Turn it over and press.

Repeat the same thing with your D pieces, so that in the end you have something like this. Keep it aside.

Take your B pieces and sew them together with right sides facing each other. Make sure to leave a little opening to turn the right sides out. Clip the corners and turn the right side out through the hole. Press and top-stitch. Take finished fabric, fold it into half and pin.

Now, arrange the piece as shown below.

And then fold as shown below. And pin.

Now, remove the top pins, and then sew a straight line at the top as shown below. Make sure you keep the flaps away. 

Now, take your C pieces, sew them together, turn the right sides out, press and top-stitch. Place on top of the B fabric and sew a straight line as shown.

Next, sew a straight line to attach the extra pockets to B. Make sure you separate the lower flap while sewing. And, you’re done with your pockets.

To attach the pockets to the interior fabrics place it onto the fabric and sew straight lines as shown.

Remember the zipper pocket you sewed earlier? Place it right side facing together onto the interior fabric, and sew a straight line.

Turn, press and top-stitch.

Next, to avoid all the difficult twisting and turning since I used a really thick interface, this is what I did. First, I turned and pressed the edges. And then I placed the interior and exterior together wrong sides facing together and sewed an edge stitch.

And you’ll get perfect corners.

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