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Kidlet: Wall Pocket - Tidy Tote Tutorial

 Kidlet has a deep gusset to accommodate lots and lots of the "stuff" that's always lying around and has a handy strap to fit over a doorknob. It's plenty sturdy for wee ones to carry their precious goodies themselves and you needn't worry about them fiddling with a long strap. Put up a few fun hooks for a row of Kidlets in the playroom, or strategically hang them over doorknobs throughout the house.

Finished Measurements:: 9” wide x 9” high x 3” deep

-1/2 yard of exterior fabric
-1/2 yard of lining fabric
-1/2 yard heavyweight fusible interfacing
-scrap fabrics to create the patchwork pocket
-1/3 yard of 1” wide cotton webbing

TIME NEEDED= about an hour... depending on how many little ones are underfoot

First you need to CUT ::
- 2 pcs. 11” x 11” of exterior fabric
- 2 pcs. 11” x 11” of lining fabric
- 1 pc. 7.5” x 4.75” of lining fabric for pocket
- 1 pc. 7.5” x 4.75” of fabric/patchwork for pocket
- 1 pc. 11” of 1” wide cotton webbing
- 2pcs. 11” x 11” of fusible interfacing

Fuse the interfacing to the exterior fabric  according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Put pocket exterior fabric/patchwork and the pocket lining fabric right sides together and pin in place.  Start sewing at point A all the way around the rectangle ending at point B.  You want to leave a 2” opening on the bottom of the pocket.

Turn the pocket right sides out and press.    Top-stitch along the top edge of the pocket.  Don’t worry about the opening at the bottom - you’ll stitch it shut later.

Pin the pocket to one of the exterior fabric squares - place it 2.5” down from the top, center it horizontally and pin in place.

Stitch the pocket in place and backtack all the corners as you go - start at the top right, go across the bottom (you stitch the opening shut as you are sewing the pocket in place), and then up the left side.

Center the strap on the other exterior fabric square 3.5” in on both sides. Pin in place. Sew it on and go over it a few times.

Put the exterior fabric squares right sides together and pin in place (leaving the top open). Stitch together starting at the top right, across the bottom, and then up the left side.

Mark a square on each of the bottom corners 1.25” in from the stitching and cut.

Put your hand inside the bag down at one of the corners you just cut.
Pinch the seams together and pin in place.  (This creates the boxed shape at the bottom.)
 Do it on the other side, while you’re at it.

Stitch each side and be sure to backtack at the ends and across the seam.

Stand it up on its bottom and set aside.   
Repeat the process with the lining fabric,  BUT, leave an opening about 4” wide along the bottom of the lining.

Turn the lining right side out and press. Put the lining inside the exterior of the bag, right sides together.  Line it up by sight and pin at the seams.  Pull it taut at the side seams and pin the lining to the exterior fabric along the top edge.
Stitch around the entire top edge.
Ok, so remember that 4” opening in the lining?  Here we go ::

You do not need a medical license to perform this operation. Reach down inside, grab the bottom of the exterior fabric and pull it out through the opening in the lining.  Reach back inside and gently press all the corners into shape with your fingers.

Now stitch shut the opening in the lining. If you are feeling fancy, use coordinating thread.  (I am not that fancy.)

Tuck the lining back inside the kidlet and press. Top-stitch the top edge.

Now go back and do some extra stitching around the ends of the strap to secure them in place. When that’s done, press your kidlet one final time and you are finished!!!

I hope you found this tutorial easy to follow - adapt the pattern to suit your needs.  ENJOY!

Kidlet: Wall Pocket - Tidy Tote Bag Tutorial

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