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Ribbon Tote Bag Tutorial

 It’s so much fun to “play” with  beautiful ribbons and  combine them with his coordinating fabrics to create this easy-to-sew tote bag. Woven ribbons make wonderful bag handles, and the additional rows of ribbon sewn to the front and back of the bag add interest and texture.  Use just one or two patterns or go with several ribbons styles, as I have done, to create a colorful patchwork tote of ribbon and fabric. 


• 3 yards 1½˝ Kaffe Fassett Purple Palm Fan ribbon
• 1½ yard 1½˝ Kaffe Fassett Gold Palm Fan ribbon
• 2 yards 7/8˝ Kaffe Fassett Blue/White Guinea Flower ribbon
• 2 yards 7/8˝ Kaffe Fassett Blue/Pink Guinea Flower ribbon

• ONE fat quarter Kaffe Fassett Woven Shot Cotton Persimmon for center of bag
• 3/8 yard Kaffe Fassett Woven Shot Cotton Magenta for sides of bag
• 1 yard Kaffe Fassett Guinea Flower Pink for lining
• 3/8 yard Kaffe Fassett Palm Flower Ochre for bottom of bag and inside pocket

Additional Supplies
• ½ yard fusible fleece
• 20˝ x 36˝ rectangle of heavy weight fusible interfacing
• 3˝ x 13˝ rectangle of heavy cardboard or plastic canvas for bottom of bag
• Fabric glue
• Coordinating thread
• Sewing machine and usual sewing supplies


Note: seam allowances are ½˝

• Cut TWO 9˝ x 13½˝
rectangles of Persimmon fabric and FOUR 5˝ x 13½˝  rectangles of Magenta fabric.
• To make the back and front of the bag, stitch one Magenta rectangle to each side of the Persimmon rectangles. 
• Press seams toward the Magenta sides. 
• Cut TWO 13½˝ x 17˝ rectangles of fusible fleece and iron fleece to back of both front and back panels.

• Cut FOUR 17˝ lengths from both colors of 7/8˝ Guinea Flower ribbon. 
• Cut TWO 17˝ lengths from 1½˝ Purple Palm Fan ribbon. 
• Position the ribbons horizontally onto the front and back of the bag panels and stitch close to the edges of the ribbon. 
• Add rows of quilting stitches ¼˝ from each side of the ribbons.

• Cut FOUR 13½˝ lengths of Gold Palm Ribbon.
• Center a ribbon onto each seam and stitch close to the edges of the ribbon. 
• Add rows of quilting stitches on each side of the ribbons.

• For bottom of bag, cut a 10˝ x 17˝ rectangle of Ochre Palm Fan fabric and fusible fleece. 
• Iron fleece to back of fabric. 
• Stitch bottom of bag to front and back panels. 
• Press seams toward bottom of bag and stitch quilting lines to hold seam allowances in place.

• To make bag handles, cut TWO 3˝ x 36˝ rectangles of lining fabric.
• Cut TWO 1½˝ x 36˝ rectangles of interfacing. 
• Iron interfacing onto center of fabric pieces. 
• Press fabric edges without interfacing toward the center of the strips, creating a handle lining that is 1½˝ wide. 
• Position Purple Palm ribbon onto strap handles, covering raw edges of fabric and stitch close to sides of ribbons.  
• With right side of handles next to right side of bag, sew ends of straps to the top of the bag, aligning with gold palm fan ribbon strips.

• Fold bag in half, right sides together and stitch along both sides. Press seams  open. 
• To shape the flat bottom of the bag, on the inside of the bag at each corner, align the side seam with the center of the bottom section.
• Flatten the triangle and stitch straight across, 1½˝ from the point.
• Turn bag right side out.
• Glue the cardboard or plastic canvas rectangle to the bottom of the bag.
• Cut a 17˝ x 35˝ rectangle from lining fabric and interfacing.
• Fuse interfacing to wrong side of fabric. 
• Fold fabric in half, right sides together and stitch sides. 
• Leave a large opening on one of the sides for turning. 
• Right sides together, stitch lining to bag along top edge. 
• Turn bag right side out through the side opening in the lining. 
• Slip stitch opening closed. 
• Add a line of stitching along the top of the bag.

Ribbon Tote Bag Tutorial

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