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Sweet Heart Zip Pouch Tutorial

 What an adorable way to hold your things with this simple and sweet heart shaped zipper pouch! Perfect for the little darling in your life or for adults too!


    1 fat quarter or scraps: Fabric
    1 fat quarter or scraps: Lining
    Zipper at least 5” long (longer is fine)
    Scraps of thin cotton interlining/batting
    The Sweet Heart Wristlet pattern


    Small D-ring for handle
    ¼ yard trim for handle
    Decorative trim for front

¼” Seam allowances are included in pattern pieces, unless otherwise noted.

1. Lay interlining on wrong side of front top fabric and front bottom fabric pieces. Sandwich interlining in between back fabric and back lining. You may wish to baste around outer edges or use temporary fabric adhesive to hold your layers together.

2. Handles (Choose from 3 options!)

Option #1 – Sewn handle with D-ring:
a) Press one short end of handle in ¼”. Press in half lengthwise, and press raw edges into center pressed line.

Press in half again. Slip your D-ring onto your handle, tuck the raw short end into pressed end and pin to hold in place. Topstitch your handle closed, close to pressed edges moving D-ring out of the way as you sew. Top stitch across the handle, close to D-ring as pictured.

b) Press unnotched edges of tab in half, and press raw edges into center pressed line. Press in half again. Topstitch close to pressed edges. Slip D-ring onto tab and fold in half. Baste tab to front top fabric matching notches.

Option #2 – Sewn handle without D-ring:
Press handle in half lengthwise, and press raw edges into center pressed line.

Press in half again and topstitch close to pressed edges. Lay on front top fabric at notch and baste in place.

Option #3 – Trim handle:
Cut trim to length of handle pattern piece. Fold in half and lay on front top fabric at notch. Baste in place.

3. With right sides together lay zipper on front top fabric making sure zipper stop is ¼” away from the edge of heart. Lay the right side of front top lining on top of zipper aligning the straight edges (sandwiching the zipper) and stitch. Flip fabric and lining around so that the right sides are facing up, press carefully and topstitch through all layers. Repeat with bottom fabric and bottom lining.

4. Making sure zipper is unzipped and close to the zipper stop, cut off excess zipper. You may wish to tack your zipper together or pin it closed.

5. At this step, it’s quite fun to make your wristlet unique by adding some decorative trim or quilting! Stitch your decorative trim by either laying it flat across the front or around the outer edges. You may even wish to quilt it, with a fancy stitch or pattern.

6. With right sides together stitch front to back around outer edges. Trim seams, clip into the “V”-shape at top and clip off bottom point. Finish the seam by serging or zigzagging.

7. Turn right side out through zipper opening, press and edge stitch close to pressed edges. Enjoy!

Sweet Heart Zip Pouch Tutorial

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