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DIY Backpack Tutorial

DIY Backpack Tutorial
 This backpack has a hidden zipper in a fold, which only allows you to open the bag taking the backpack of, This way nobody can be able to take anything out without you knowing it… Do you like this idea!? Go ahead and learn how to make yours !


Leather or leatherette
Scissors and measuring tape
Fabric for lining (optional)
Thick ribbon (for the straps of the backpack)
Two metal hooks , 2 small rings and 5 medium rings


1. Cut two rectangles of leather the size you prefer for your backpack. Mine, measures are 39cm wide x 48cm high. Also cut another smaller rectangle to make an outside pockets (optional)

2.  Sew the zipper joining the two rectangles.

3. Open the zipper and sew one side of the rectangles together. Position the pocket on the outside  in middle of the seam and sew on.

4. Sew a piece of thick ribbon in the middle of the seam with a ring.

5. Sew the two free sides on the inside and sew two long strips of thick ribbon in the joining seam. At each end tip of the ribbon sew two rings.

6. Close the bottom of the backpack joining the seams from both sides in the middle. (this will form two triangles)

7. Open both bottom corners and sew a small ring in each corner.

8.  Now you can attach the hooks to the rings of the corners. Sew another strip with the hook to use this as a regulator.

9.  If you want to give your backpack a better look inside, you can sew a lining (just cut two rectangles with the same measures from the two rectangles of the backpack). Attach it to the edge of the opening of the bag with some hand stitchings.

The DIY backpack is done!

You can cross the straps in the corners using the hook to give the backpack a different volume.

In this photo you can see how introducing the backpacks straps through the upper ring will hide the zipper in a fold.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY backpack. You no longer have to worry when you travel or go on the metro if someone is taking something out of the bag without you knowing it!
DIY Backpack Tutorial

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