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Quilted Super Tote Tutorial

 You can never have enough tote bags. They are handy to have around for work, grocery shopping or a weekend road trip. This oversized, sturdy tote is the perfect way to show off some great fabrics while you are running errands.

Materials Needed
One each of 5 fat quarters of various cotton fabrics
63cm Lining fabric
1.5m Legacy L-809 Fuse-N-Shade™
63cm Legacy L-971 Extra Loft Fusible Fleece
1 Magnetic Snap 12.7mm – 19mm (½” - ¾”)

Tools Needed
Sewing Machine & Related Supplies
Rotary Cutter & Related Supplies

All seam allowances are ¼” unless otherwise indicated.

Step 1.  Cut two 2½” x 22” strips from four of the fat quarters for a total of eight strips.  Subcut each of these rectangles into four 2½” x 5” rectangles for a total of thirty-two rectangles.

Step 2.  From the remaining fat quarter, cut two 2½” x 22” strips.  Subcut each of these strips into thirty-two 2½” squares.

Step 3.  Arrange into rows of six (three rectangles and three squares), alternating the start of each row between a rectangle
and a square.
 For example, Row 1 will be square, rectangle, square, rectangle, square and rectangle.  Row 2 will be rectangle, square, rectangle, square, rectangle and square. Repeat this layout to create ten rows.  

Step 4.  Sew the rectangles and squares in each row together.  Press seams towards squares.

Step 5.  Sew two rows together each for the front and the back.   Match the seams of the rows where necessary, butting the seams together.  Press seams in one direction.

Repeat this step until all five rows for each tote piece are sewn together.

Step 6.  Choose one of the fat quarters for the bottom of the tote and cut two 6” x 20” rectangles.   Sew one each to the bottom of the pieced units.  Press seams towards the 6” x 20” rectangles.

Step 7.  Choose another fat quarter for the top of the tote and cut two 3” x 20” rectangles.  Sew one each to the top of the pieced units.  Press seams toward the 3” x 20” rectangles.

Step 8.  Cut two 18½” x 20” rectangles each from the Extra Loft Fusible Fleece and the Fuse-N-Shade™.  Fuse the Extra Loft Fusible Fleece to the wrong side of the two outside bag pieces following manufacturer’s intructions.
Repeat this step fusing the Fuse-N-Shade™ to the Extra Loft Fusible Fleece.

Step 9.  Use a walking foot to quilt the center pieced portion of the tote piece with vertical lines (top to bottom) approximately ½” apart.  Next, quilt horizontal lines (side to side) on the top and bottom of the tote piece. 
Repeat this step with the other tote piece. 

Step 10.  Trim tote pieces to 18½” from top to bottom and 20” from side to side if necessary.

Step 11.  Cut two 18½” x 20” rectangles each of lining fabric and Fuse-N-Shade™.  Fuse the Fuse-N-Shade™ to the wrong side of the lining fabric following manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 12.  Cut 3” squares from the two bottom corners from all the lining rectangles and the outside tote pieces.

Step 13.  To make the handles, cut two 6” x 20” rectangles from one of the remaining fat quarters.  Cut four 3” x 6” rectangles from another fat quarter for the handle accent color.
Sew one 3” x 6” rectangle to each end of each of the 6” x 20” rectangles.

Step 14.  Cut two 6” x 26” rectangles of Fuse-N-Shade™.  Fuse to the wrong side of the handles following manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 15.  Press each handle in half lengthwise with wrong sides together.  Open and press each side in to the center crease. 

Step 16.  Fold the handles in half again as shown to enclose all the raw edges.

Step 17.  Topstitch on either side of the handle lengthwise approximately 1⁄8” from the edge.

Step 18.  Find the center top of the outside tote and place a mark or pin.

Step 19.  Place one handle end 3”  from the center mark.  Repeat with the other end of the handle.

Step 20.  Repeat Step 19 with the other tote piece and the other handle. 

Step 21.  Stitch 3-4 times within the ¼” seam allowance to secure each end of both handles. 

Step 22.  To add the magnetic snap, find the center top of both the lining pieces.  Measure down 1½” from the center and mark the snap placement.  Cut the slits for the snap using sharp scissors. 

Step 23.  Mark and cut slits using small scraps of Extra Loft Fusible Fleece in the same manner.

Step 24.  Place the snap through both the lining piece and the scrap of Extra Loft Fusible Fleece.  This will prevent the snap from ripping the fabric.  Add the washer.  Fold the prongs outward. 
Repeat with the other half of the snap and the other lining piece. 

Step 25.  Place one tote piece and one lining piece right sides together.  Stitch along the top edge.  Open and press seam to one side. Repeat with the remaining tote piece and lining piece. 

Step 26.  Place the tote pieces and lining pieces right sides together, matching the center seams and outside seams.  Pin all the way around.

Step 27.  Stitch both long edges and across the bottom tote piece.  Sew the lining bottom, leaving a 4” opening for turning.

Step 29.  To make the tote depth, pinch the corners together matching the side and bottom seams.  Stitch across. 
Repeat with all four corners.

Step 30.  Turn the tote right side out through the opening in the lining.  Stitch the lining closed by machine or hand. 

Step 31.  Tuck the lining inside the tote and press.  Topstitch ¼” from the top edge all the way around the tote.

Quilted Super Tote Tutorial

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