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Zippered Box Pouch Tutorial

Zippered Box Pouch Tutorial
 Box Pouch bags are beautiful & unique storage units. Make them in THREE sizes (or MORE), for use in your purse, bookbag, suitcase, or overnight bag.

All you need, is two fat quarters, 3 zippers, and less than a yard of single-fold bias tape. They make a GREAT GIFT for men, women, friends, & YOU!
Zippered Box Pouch Tutorial

Large= 2” X 2” X 7.5”
Medium= 1.5” X 1.75” X 6.5”
Small= 1.25” X 1.5” X 5.5”

1- 10” nylon zipper (for small bag)
1- 12” nylon zipper (for medium AND for Large bag)
1yd- single-fold bias tape (this is enough for ALL 3 bag's)

Zippered Box Pouch Tutorial


Cut one piece each, of exterior, lining & Thermofleece, to the following dimensions. (Other size-specific instructions that follow, will be noted with the following colors, in parentheses.)

LARGE= (RED)= 10.5” X 7.25”
MEDIUM= (BLUE)= 8.5” X 6”
SMALL= (GREEN)= 7” X 5.75”

1) Fuse Thermofleece to wrong side of Exterior.
2) Position both the top & bottom zipper stop OFF fabric edge, aligning zipper tape edge, right sides together, with a LONG exterior fabric edge.

3) Now place Lining right side down onto Exterior, sandwiching zipper in between, aligning top and side raw edges. Stitch 1/4” from top raw edges.

4) Press both Exterior & Lining away from zipper. Topstitch close to pressed edge, down entire length of zipper.

5) Roll bottom edges UP, aligning them with free zipper edge. (Right side of Exterior, to RIGHT side of zipper, & right side of Lining, to WRONG side of zipper.) Stitch 1/4” from raw edges.

6) Unzip unit and turn it right side OUT. Press these exterior and lining edges away from zipper. Topstitch close to pressed edge, down entire length of zipper.

7) Flip wrong side out once again, positioning zipper in the CENTER of this flattened unit. Pin in place. Stitch ~1/8” from bottom raw edges, (at bottom of zipper), right through base of zipper. Backstitch for security.

8) Unzip unit  about 1/2 of the distance to bottom.
Carefully pin top raw edges flat, so that zipperteeth are just touching each other. Stitch ~1/8” from top raw edges, right through top of zipper pieces (w/o letting them overlap). Backstitch for security. Clip off excess zipper ends on BOTH sides of unit, to edge of fabric.

9) Cut two  (3”), (2.75”), (2”) pieces of single-fold bias tape. Press one of the folded edges open and flat on each.

10) Align the pressed edge of a bias tape piece, with raw edges on both  ends of unit.
(*Note– Bias tape does NOT have to reach to or beyond the corner ends, it won’t matter,)
Stitch in place, 1/8” from raw edges.

11) Flip bias tape over raw edges, to the other side of unit (the non-zippered side). Stitch in place, through all layers of fabric, to conceal raw edges.

12) Unzip unit completely now, & pinch each corner together to form a triangle. The bias-taped edge from step 12 should be in the CENTER of the triangle, and “finger-pressed” DOWN, toward nonzippered
side of lining.
Clip off the top (3/4”), (1/2”), (1/2”), of the triangle, right through fabric AND bias tape.
Stitch 1/8” from these new raw edges, keeping bias tape “pressed” DOWN, toward non-zippered side.
Repeat this procedure in the other 3 corners of the

13) Cut four (2.25”), (2”), (2”) pieces of single-fold bias tape. Press one of the folded edges open and flat on each.

14) Now press over 1/2”, wrong sides together, on BOTH short side edges, for EACH of the four bias tape pieces.

15) Place pressed edge of each bias tape piece, right sides together, along each cut corner edge of unit. Stitch 1/8” from cut edges, through all layers of fabric.

 16) Flip bias tape over the corner raw edges, to  concealing them. Stitch in place, through all layers of fabric.

17) Flip entire unit right side out now. Now push each corner out to out the points of each corner, and zip it shut.

You Are DONE! Enjoy! 
Zippered Box Pouch Tutorial

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