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Bracelet Purse Tutorial & Pattern

 My little one is a purse girl, she packs a bag wherever she goes. I’ve seen these cute little bracelet purses before, and finally got around to making one.  I wrote up a tutorial for you, and included a free pattern for the purse too.
It’s super simple, and of course I’ve included more detail than you usually need – making this a great project for beginners.  I am also thinking it would be a sweet addition to all those cute Summer and Easter Dresses you have planned too.  And gifts, just fill it up with all sorts of goodies and you’ll be the favorite – lot’s of possibilities! 

Fun Little Bracelet Purse Tutorial

Download Free Pattern Here 


    2 bangle bracelets – I bought a pack of 18 at Walmart for under $6
    fabric – I used 2 coordinating fabrics (you can even reverse this purse, so keep that in mind)
    all your sewing stuff


Download the pattern to your computer and print with no scaling.  I forgot to put an inch marker, but the pattern piece should measure 8 x 8 inch at the widest points.  It should look like this (I added text).  The seam allowance is included, so just cut along the lines.

You will need to cut 2 pieces for the outer fabric, and the lining giving you 4 pieces total. I folded my fabric in half and pinned the pattern to the fabric.  Pay attention to any directional fabric that you have the pattern in the right place. Then cut around the parameter of the bag, leaving the notches. Repeat on second fabric.

Then cut out the notches on both.

Remove the pins and pattern and you have four pieces.

Places two of the matching pieces with the right sides together on a flat working surface.  Measure two inches down from the top and pin on each side as shown in the picture. This will mark where to begin and stop sewing. You can add a few more pins around the edge to make sure the fabric doesn’t shift while sewing (I’m lazy).

I marked the photo so you can see where you are going to sew.  With a ¼ inch seam allowance (edge of fabric lines up with footer) start sewing on one side (make sure to always back stitch)  at the pin, stopping at the notch.  Then sew the bottom, and the the other side up to the pin.

When sewing around the rounded sides, it helps to stop when the needle is down, lift the foot and then move the fabric a little to make the curve, then lower the foot and sew to make a smooth arch.  I did this a couple times on both sides.

Repeat on the other two pieces.

Now pinch the fabric to match those notches up like shown.  It’s hard to explain, but it will make sense when you are sewing. I like to make sure my seams are folded in the same direction.

Then sew the two sides of the notch together.  Repeat on the remaining 3 notches.

Now the bottom of both pieces should look like this.  This makes it so you can get more in those little bags, and they stand up too

Now we’re going to press the seams out.  To make this easier, it’s best to iron it flat at the seam like shown above, and then fold and press at the seam.

When all pressed, both pieces should look like this.

Turn the outer piece right side out and fold the sides in at the top about a ¼ inch and press.  For the lining you will turn wrong side out, and fold the sides out and press a ¼ inch – so just the opposite.

Leaving the lining wrong side out, tuck it inside the outer piece lining up the seams.  The folded sides should line up like shown.

Sew the outer, and lining sides together, sewing along the edge start at the top of one side and then end at the point, clip thread.  Then start at the top on the other side, meeting the stitch from the other side at the point.  Repeat on other side of purse.  You’re almost there!

Fold over at the top a little less than a 1/2 inch and press on both sides.

Then fold over again a full ½ inch and press on both sides – this is making the casing for the bracelets.

Take a bracelet and slip under one fold.  You can see in the photo how I molded the fold around the bracelet while it was vertical, this prevents gathering.  At this point you can do a quick basting stitch by hand to hold that fold in place, but it is not necessary.

Now just slide the bracelet under the foot, and line up the fold under the foot leaving the bracelet vertical.  As you sew the bracelet will just rotate with you. Make sure the fabric doesn’t gather, smoothing as you go.  It really is easy.

No just repeat on the other side, and you’re done!

The perfect little bag to stuff all those little trinkets and what-nots into that a girl just can’t leave home without.

I wished I would have taken a picture of it reversed, it’s just as cute.  I want to make one with linen, then I think I could pull off packing it around :) .

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