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A Little Coin Purse Tutorial

A Little Coin Purse Tutorial

How To Make A Little Coin Purse (Sewing Project). Just a quick tutorial on how to make a little coin purse with a pocket.

 Do you have a coin purse?

I have been without one for quite a while and usually throw all my loose change into my bag. Several times I have dug around the bottom of my work bag and found at least $30 in change. I am sure I have lost hundreds of dollars to the bottom of hand bags and children's pockets over the years!

So my theory is, put my change somewhere safe and then I'll have some extra cash to spend on important things!

A Little Coin Purse Tutorial

For this tutorial, I am going to show you how to embellish your purse with some beautiful Liberty Scraps. For all the information on how to draft up your pattern and assemble the purse please check out this fantastic tutorial by Lisa at U-handbag

Start by drafting up your pattern using the instructions in the Purse Frames de-mystified tutorial from U-handbag.

I used a 90mm purse frame.

If you have a 90mm frame you are very welcome to draw up the pattern I made using the U-handbag tutorial. (Seam allowance 3/8 of an inch)

Now you will need some fabric:

Liberty scraps (10-12) pieces - all 2.5 inches wide. Height varying from 1.25 to 2 inches.
4 lining pieces cut to the shape of your pattern, two interfaced with heavy weight iron interfacing
2 pieces of solid fabric 2.5 x 5 inches
2 pieces of solid fabric 4.5 x 5 inches

Start by sewing all your Liberty scraps into a long strip. You will have enough when your strip measures a little more than twice the height of your purse ( for me about 9 inches) Press them neatly and then trim them up so they are nice and even. Once my strip were trimmed they were 2 1/4 inches wide. Cut this strip in half so you have two pieces (one for each side of the purse)

Take the two lining fabrics without the interfacing
Measure in  1.5 inches from the bottom corner. Place your Liberty Scrap piece here running the height of the purse. Pin it in place. Do the same for both lining pieces. Don't forget you will need a pair  like this:

Lets work on the upper purse piece in the photo above (sorry one photo seems to have mysteriously disappeared). Take the narrower piece of solid fabric and lay it on top of your Liberty scraps with raw edges lined up on the left. Sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Flap the fabric out to the left and iron it flat, like this:

Do the same with the larger piece on the right hand side of your Liberty strip.
When you look at it from the back it should look like this:

Trim your fabric to shape using the "lining" as a guide.

When you have made the other one of these, you can add a little bit of running stitch if you like.

Now it's time to head back to U-handbag to find out how to construct your purse.

I think the most stressful bit of this project is gluing the purse to the frame. I managed to get glue everywhere. I am a complete novice at this,  but having now done three I would suggest less is more when it comes to glue. I spread the glue out in the frame as evenly as I could with a tooth pick and then used a metal skewer to push the fabric up into the frame as far as I could. I used Selleys Kwik Grip. I tried to use the hot glue gun but it all just set too quickly for me to manoeuvre the fabric into place.

Good luck!

A Little Coin Purse Tutorial

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