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Pretty Owl Toy DIY Tutorial!

For this toy you need to have: 

- scissors
- glue gun (or multi-purpose glue)
- needles
- pins
Materials for 2 toys:- soft thick felt 2 mm 20X30 cm (blue, pink, beige, white, light yellow)
- embroidery floss (brown, beige, blue, pink)
- ribbons (for decoration)
- synthetic filling
- wooden sticks

 Owls can be made of any size.

  Cut out the necessary details.

 Use floss of 2 threads (typically floss consists of 6 strands).

  Sew the tummy to one of the parts of the body. 

 Sew the front part of the body and the tummy with the back. Leave a hole of 2 cm to stuff the birdy with synthetic filling, evenly placing it inside the toy. Sew up the hole.

  Glue the eyes, nose, paws and wings. 

Done! You'r good!

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