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Hobo Bag Pattern + Tutorial

Hobo Bag Pattern + Tutorial

Free pattern and tutorial for an everyday shoulder hobo style bag. 

Hobo Bag Pattern + Tutorial

Hobo Bag Pattern + Tutorial

Hobo Bag Pattern + Tutorial

You can download the FULL FREE PATTERN and TUTORIAL HERE.

 Your Supplies
• 1 yard canvas fabric
• ½ yard lining fabric
• 18” zipper
• 1 yard fleece interfacing
• 12” Leather strap

Step 1

• Iron on interfacing on each of the front, back and bottom outer canvas pieces.
• Step 2- Make the straps
• Cut 4 pieces of canvas each 8” long and 1.5” wide. Cut 2 pieces fleece interfacing 8” long and 1” wide.
• Iron down ¼” down all 4 sides of all 4 pieces. Make triangles on the top and bottom pieces of each of the pieces.
• Insert the interfacing in 2 of the pieces.
• Pin and sew the pieces together to make 2 straps. 

Step 3- Enforce the bottom
Iron on  another piece of interfacing on the bottom enforcing piece. Fold and iron down the short sides ¼” in. Sew the short sides down on the bottom piece of the outer part of the bag.

Step 4- Sew the zipper
Iron down ¼” on the top of each of the front and lining pieces.

Make a zipper sandwich: lining right side facing up, zipper right side (pull on top) facing up and main piece facing down. Pin and sew down using zipper foot. Repeat for other side.

Step 5- Sew bottoms
With right sides together, pin and sew the bottom pieces to the front and back bag pieces. Do one side at a time. Make sure you center the bottom piece so that it aligns evenly on the front pieces. Repeat for the lining. LEAVE 5” OPENING ON THE BOTTOM PIECE OF THE LINING.

Step 5- Sew the sides
OPEN THE ZIPPER MID-WAY. Sew all around the sides of the bag; lining and main piece.

Step 6- Add straps and finish up This part was tricky for me. I am sure there is a better way but this is how I added the straps.
Fold the strap and pin  about 1.5” away from the top of each side. Using the opening from the lining, push the lining aside, so that you don't sew through the lining and only sewing the straps on the outer fabric.

Above Picture: That's me rolling the lining and pulling it away through the opening so that I don't sew through the lining while doing the straps.

Next, insert the straps and sew the lining close. Push the lining in the bag.

Hobo Bag Pattern + Tutorial

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